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Post  IRFluffy on Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:31 pm

Currently still making the list of all the armor , necklaces/rings,and ect for the guild.

This is all for all you nice ppl who donate, The gear you donate will be posted ill try to keep it up dated best i can.

Note if you have not been with in the faction for at least 2 weeks of activeness you may not recieve any thing from the bank.

It is not mean the guildies work there butts off and not for some one who joins rapes the stash and leaves x.x

If you take something from stash please return it when done I dont want greedy people.

The officers and I can say no to your request at any time, We have pretty fair judgement.

Also we r accepting any donations mats,armor,coins, anything u like just please please no lime stones x.x (im not saying you have to and dont go broke tring to donate)

If you need something made here is list of ppl you can go to
- Zombii - has lvl 5 tailoring,lvl 3 black smithing, lvl 3 orinement making
-Monda - lvl 4 Black smithing, Lvl 3 tailoring, lvl 3 apothocary
- XxIRFluffyxX- lvl 3 tailoring
- crumble - can do everything Mad
Also if it comes to it i can most likely find you some one at any times to make u up to lvl 90 items

Items in bulk so far :
Thunder pants - purple
thunder boots- green

cloak of grace one star lvl 77
+5 mag
3 star mail antiquity lvl 70
3 elements
+5 dex
3 star winged dragon scaleplate lvl 60
2 elements
3 star helm of the righteous lvl 61
vit +4
Evasion 46+
3 star helm of the righteous lvl 61
Evasion 62+
water 255+
3 star Greaves of Aires lvl 56
all elements plus 2 more
morning dew belt lvl 65
+4 vit element belt
lvl 50 arcane robe lvl 50 2 star
all elements
+110 mp
2 star lvl 37 cape
hp +40
with gems
3 star lvl 43 pants
all elementss
phy res +69
has gemss
1 star lvl 67 cloak
+4 vit

18 logs
5 rough lumber
9 pig iron
8 high carboon steal
4 sand stone
6 gravel
4 cotton thread
2 silk thread
38 coal dust
9 coal
5 concentrated glue
2 purified oil
2 animal fur

lvl 19 legendary dark cone necklace
+2 mag
+2 dex

B Garnet
B. Saphire

Gaint XBow 2 star lvl 35
A.Hp shard

HH mats
1 Broken Drum
11 skeleton bones
1 chien armor shard
4 frenzy lion skin
4 kluncky swords
8 frenzie lion edges
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