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Post  Calyphia on Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:50 am

So I've tried for what two weeks to log in?
But I couldn't cuz the whole time I was entering my email instead of my username into the slot that said "username"
Yeah yeah, be quiet.

Anyway my name is Cassie :]
Now that I'm here, I told some ppl that they can try to guess what my ethnicity is. Let me narrow it down for you..I'm Asian :]
Wanna know something funny? I've gotten asked if I was mixed black. Not once but twice....cuz my hair is CRAAAAAAZY...if I don't tame it...LOL
In other words I have black people's hair. My straightener is my best friend and partner in life.

I started playing PWI cuz my bf wanted to play together but he ditched me. LOL. I wanna get married in game cuz I hear the quests are pretty good? SO...any takers? loolol.

Ok so here's a pic of me, only decent pic I can find. If you think you can differentiate Asians reply your guesses! Or if you're bored, go for it! lool

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Post  cayaos on Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:02 am

well, since you told me to keep it quiet.
Then I wont mention it . Ill let people
keep on guessing if they want to xD rabbit
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